Отбеливание зубов стоматолога

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Что такое отбеливание зубов?

Отбеливание зубов – это процедура, которая делает вашу улыбку ярче, как дома, так и в офисе. В нашей практике используется система отбеливания зубов GLO .

GLO In-Office Whitening

GLO in office whitening uses a high concentration, professional strength whitening gel.  When exposed to the GLO warming heat and light, the gel rapidly whitens your smile.

GLO Take-Home Whitening Kit

The GLO take-home kit is meant to complement the in-office whitening.  It includes professional strength whitening gel and everything you need to maintain your brighter, more radiant smile


What Can Patients Expect?

Teeth whitening is a common dental procedure.  Some patients may feel sensitivity after whitening.  If the sensitivity becomes bad, we may recommend you stop whitening, and continue later.  The sensitivity will subside once you stop whitening.  The GLO system is a highly effective system that has been shown to maintain a brighter smile while decreasing sensitivity during the procedure.

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