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Composite Teeth Filling

What Are Composite Fillings?

Composites are often the treatment of choice for mild and sometimes moderate tooth decay or cavities.  Composites are placed in the mouth after your tooth has been prepared and decay has been removed.  Modern composites come in many different tooth-colored shades.  Dr. Pelts will match the composite material to the exact color of your teeth, restoring your smile to its natural beauty.

Composites are placed in a single visit.  If multiple composite restorations are planned, our dentists may choose to complete them in the same visit, depending on where in the mouth they are located.

One of the Few Offices in the World to Offer the Solea Laser with No Anesthesia and No Drill for a Worry Free, Relaxing Dental Experience

What Can Patients Expect?

Often when placing composites, we will use the Solea Laser.  The Solea is able to remove decay and prepare your tooth, without anesthesia and the dental drill.  Our practice is one of the first offices in the world to offer this technology.

Tooth composite filling

What are composite fillings?

It is inevitable that you will need a filling put in or replaced at some point. But don’t worry; the modern technology used at Central Park Dentists makes this a painless process. You’ll leave our dental office with an even more beautiful and healthier smile.

There are many types of fillings available today. However, composite restorations are often the filling of choice for treating mild and moderate tooth decay or cavities. Composites are tooth-colored fillings fabricated from a material of non-toxic resin and ceramics which blends seamlessly with your natural smile.

What are the benefits of a composite dental filling?

  • Long gone are the days of unsightly silver fillings on your front teeth. Modern composites come in many tooth-colored shades and Dr. Pelts will match the composite material to the exact color of your teeth. For this reason, composites are ideal for front teeth fillings as they can restore your smile to its natural beauty.
  • Silver amalgam fillings need a certain shaped hole to fit properly, so your dentist has to drill away more tooth material (sometimes even healthy areas) to accommodate them. In comparison, composite material forms a micromechanical bond with the tooth, requiring less drilling and preserving more of your natural tooth structure. This also means that if your composite is damaged, a new layer can be added instead of replacing the entire filling – a process which would remove even more of the tooth structure each time.
  • As amalgam fillings are made from metal, they are good thermal conductors which can cause uncomfortable sensitivity for patients when eating hot and cold foods. Composite restorations are made from plastic, making them better for patients with sensitive teeth – you can enjoy your coffee and ice cream with no problems!
  • Composite resin is hardened instantly with a ‘curing light’ which allows you to go about your day right after leaving the office. In comparison, silver fillings remain malleable for a full day after being placed which can be quite an inconvenience.
  • Composite material can be used for cosmetic purposes such as correcting minor imperfections and improving your tooth shape. This is because the resin can be precisely applied in a thin layer and adheres well to a smooth tooth surface.

When can a composite filling be used?

It is suitable to place a composite filling in teeth which require mild to moderate restorations:

  1. Treating tooth decay or cavities
  2. Fixing chipped or broken teeth
  3. Filling a hole or pit in the tooth
  4. Decreasing the gap between teeth
  5. Altering misshapen or discolored teeth.

When is a composite restoration not the best treatment choice?

A composite dental filling is better for treating smaller areas of damage and is not suitable for a severely decayed tooth. For larger restorations, silver amalgam fillings are preferred as they are stronger and tend to last longer. If you require a large filling in one or more of your front teeth, then a different treatment plan may be considered – such as a dental crown, onlay or inlay. Silver fillings are also the most appropriate restoration for molars, as the dental amalgam can better withstand heavy chewing pressure without fracturing.Although composite fillings are more expensive and less durable than silver fillings, as we’ve mentioned, their replacement is much less damaging to your tooth.

How are composite dental fillings placed?

Thanks to the latest technology used at Central Park Dentists, restorative treatments such as composite dental fillings can be completed in a single visit, ensuring that your appointment is both comfortable and efficient.

First, Dr. Pelts will choose the appropriate tooth color for your composite filling. The next step is removing the decayed part of the tooth. When placing composites we will typically use the Solea laser – an alternative to a traditional drill which uses a low-intensity beam to remove decay and prepare your tooth. Our practice is one of the first offices in the world offering this technology. Usually the Solea laser eliminates the need for anaesthesia, however if numbing is required then we use The Wand needle-free anaesthesia. If your treatment is only for minor cosmetic purposes then potentially no numbing or tooth trimming will be necessary.

After your tooth has been thoroughly prepared, the composite bonding will be applied to the affected area in layers and gently patted into place. Each layer is hardened with a special blue ‘curing light’ which activates the bonding agent. Your dentist will usually add more layers than necessary, so don’t be concerned if your bite feels strange at first – they do this purposefully so that the finished composite can be drilled down and sculpted to perfectly fit your bite. Once your filling feels comfortable, the last step is polishing your composite restoration to a shine – and you’re good to go!

If multiple composite restorations are planned, our dentists may choose to complete them in the same visit depending on where in the mouth they are located. With the help of The Wand and Solea laser, multi-quadrant dental procedures are much simpler and more comfortable for our patients.

Where can I find a composite filling dentist in Manhattan?

If you’re looking to improve your teeth, composite fillings at Central Park Dentists could be the ideal treatment for you. Contact us today to make an appointment and restore your smile to its natural, healthy beauty!