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Wand anesthesia system

While our Solea laser often eliminates the need for anesthetic, there are still procedures that require us to numb an area of the mouth.  With the Wand, we’ve eliminated the anxiety provoking experience of administering anesthesia through a traditional needle.

The Wand is a device that enables us to deliver just the right amount of anesthesia over time, rather than an entire dose at once.

Instead of using a traditional needle to deliver anesthesia, the Wand uses a small device that looks similar to a small pen.  In addition to reducing anxiety that comes from seeing traditional dental needles,  the Wand has several other advantages:

  • The Wand helps the numbing process to be almost completely pain free.
  • Instead of numbing the entire jaw, we can localize numbing to a single, small area
  • Because the anesthetic is administered in smaller doses as necessary over time, patients can leave the office without still feeling numb

The Wand dental anaesthesia system

Can you imagine a visit to the dentists with no needles, no pain and no residual numbness?

People who have experienced fear and pain at the dentist are often afraid to attend their regular check-ups, and are daunted by the drills, needles and sharp implements that are typically associated with dentistry. The #1 concern of dental patients is the syringes used to administer anaesthetic, and even those who are not scared of needles, can find the post-appointment numbness wholly unpleasant and disruptive to their day.

At Central Park Dentists we use a cutting-edge digital alternative to traditional anaesthetic: The Wand. The Wand is a computer-assisted anaesthetic delivery device which eliminates the anxiety and discomfort caused by a traditional needle – making it the perfect tool for treating children or nervous patients.

How does The Wand work?

We should mention that The Wand is not 100% needle free. However it bears no resemblance to a syringe, and looks like a small pen with a discreet needle at its tip.

The Wand numbs only the individual tooth that is being treated. Your dentist will place the injection right next to the tooth, using The Wand’s state-of-the-art technology to assist them.

  • The Wand’s computer technology provides visual and audio feedback to your dentist, helping them to guide The Wand to the optimum position in your mouth and ensuring that the needle does not move around whilst the anaesthesia is being injected.
  • The Wand has a flexible needle which can be very accurately placed in your mouth with little manipulation.
  • Dynamic pressure-sensing technology ensures that your dentist puts minimal pressure on your gum tissue whilst carrying out the injection.
  • Computer controls monitor the flow-rate of the anaesthetic solution, delivering a consistent dose and injecting the solution much more gently and slowly. There are three speeds of flow-rate for each different type of injection and a cruise-control setting.
  • The anaesthetic solution in The Wand begins to work immediately, and your dentist will be ready to start your treatment right away!

Where can I find The Wand dental anaesthesia near me?

While many dental practices continue to use the traditional methods of syringe anaesthesia, Central Park Dentists employs The Wand for painless and anxiety-free dental injections across all of our procedures. Used in combination with our other digital dentistry technologies, your dental experience at our Manhattan practice will be comfortable, efficient and pain-free. It truly is a magic wand!

Benefits of The Wand over traditional anaesthesia

Using The Wand for dental anaesthesia has several advantages for our patients at Central Park Dentists:

  1. The Wand helps the numbing process to be almost completely painless: its flexible needle and smaller, lighter size makes it much easier for your dentist to hold, minimising the soft-tissue trauma which can occur when manipulating a large syringe. The added benefit of regulated anaesthetic flow-rate eliminates the pain caused when anaesthetic solution is manually injected at too fast a rate.
  2. Rather than a syringe which administers a one-size-fits-all dose, The Wand ensures that the dose of anaesthetic is precisely tailored to your exact treatment. Your dentist can top up your dose with tiny amounts as and when it is required.
  3. As The Wand precisely numbs only the specific tooth being treated, this eliminates the residual numbing of lips, cheek and tongue which can last for several hours after your appointment. This is not only an unpleasant sensation but can actually cause post-operative soft tissue trauma, as patients can accidentally bite themselves. The Wand anaesthesia allows you to get right back on with your day as soon as you leave our Manhattan practice.
  4. The Wand saves you valuable time as there is no need to sit around and wait 10-15 minutes for each dose of anaesthetic to take effect. The targeted area is numbed instantly and your dentist can immediately start work.
  5. Deterred by traumatic experiences, some patients avoid the dentist for years – a vicious cycle which inevitably leads to more serious treatments down the line. The Wand can help nervous patients overcome the initial hurdle and get them back on track with regular dental check-ups and treatment. In fact, many (formerly) anxious patients have praised The Wand for totally transforming their dental experience.

Which procedures is The Wand suitable for?

The Wand is used in a range of restorative dental treatments, including root canals, crowns, fillings, onlays and tooth extractions.

Which patients is The Wand ideal for?

  • Children
  • People with trypanophobia (a phobia of needles)
  • Patients with very busy schedules